Green Literary was created as a writing and editing company with the idea to provide quality content for companies and businesses that are in the health field or provide sustainable, eco-friendly or natural products and/or services to their customers.

I specialize in creating awesome content for our clients that help them build blogs, run ads, engage with their customers on social media and build their brands. I believe that great content is integral to a business’ success and we’re here to provide it for you.

I know that your business is more than just a way for you to make money — business owners in this field are passionate and dedicated to their craft. And so am I.

As someone who identifies personally and on an emotional scale for this type of business, I know there are a few things that ‘green’ business owners (and business owners in general) want.

1. ENGAGING SOCIAL MEDIA: These days, social media is one of the first places that your audience finds you. It’s important to be available across at least a few platforms and to keep those accounts up to date. Customers notice when your account is sloppy, not up-to-date or poorly put together.

2. BLOG POSTS WITH A PURPOSE: Once someone is reading your blog, it means that they have already been on your website for some time. Blogs are not the place to try to sell your audience something — instead, use posts to inform and provide value to your customers and their appreciation will result in the business you want.

3. STELLAR SALES COPY: Just because you have a passion and want to make a difference, doesn’t mean your business shouldn’t make a profit. And as more shopping is done online, it’s more important than ever to create great sales copy. One that interacts emotionally with your audience — because, that more than anything, is what sells products.

4. STORYTELLING: Every company has a story to tell and a reason they were created. I’m here to put that story as eloquently as possible, whether for your bio or About pages, into a case study or testimonials or simply to create engaging content for your readers.

I want to make finding your go-to copywriter easier than ever — by providing the full package. As someone that has delved into the green lifestyle myself and has done hours upon hours of research on the subject, I’m confident that I can provide the passion and insight that you yourself have for your business. And as a writer with close to ten years experience with journalism publications, online writing of all kind, and even a book or two, I have the craft know-how to hit all your business goals.


I’m Oana, the face behind Green Literary and the writer that keeps things humming here. I have been writing for almost ten years now, starting way back when I was 16, with my own novel.

I spent two summers on that novel, laying on the floor, writing on an ancient laptop that only had Solitaire to keep me entertained whenever I got writer’s block. It was a time of realization and transformation for me, as I realized that writing was what I really wanted to do with my life.

I went on to get a background in biology in college as well as taking courses in journalism and foreign languages. I was interested in the health field and in natural living resources, and I became quite immersed in the lifestyle myself.

Now, I create content for companies that advocate for sustainable living, create products that are more eco-friendly or businesses that provide naturopathy services.  I am a passionate writer and I dedicate my entirety to each and every client. I love writing and seeing the success that my client’s get from the content I provide.

I look forward to getting to know each and every one of you and to help you realize the goals and dreams you have for your company through the art of writing.

Contact me to get started!

It’s me, the resident writer.

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